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Perhaps the quickest way to liven the senses and provide a timely boost to your system, our MOVE offerings range from dreamy yoga nidra all the way through to sweaty HIIT. The ideal way to alleviate the stresses of daily life.

Online or in-person, a one-off class or a regular weekly slot, any time period to suit your needs. You choose what fits best for you. We offer a wide range of classes to suit all needs, levels, ages and experiences.

Please note: some MOVE classes are contraindicated (inadvisable/harmful) for women during their first trimester of pregnancy. If you are in any doubt, we advise you seek clearance from your GP before partaking in any of our classes.

Qi Gong

This ancient gentle movement and breathing practice based on the traditional Chinese medicine principles of acupuncture, aims to bring your body back into a balanced fluid state. Benefits include improving posture, circulation, elimination of toxins. Regular Qigong classes can lower the fight and flight response in the system therefore improve stress and anxiety levels leading to improved sleep and overall well-being.


This mind-body exercise focuses on improving core stability, posture and flexibility whilst developing strength, balance and endurance throughout the entire body. A mat-based class that can be taught from beginners through to advanced, pilates is an ideal exercise for those suffering with poor posture or lower back issues from a sedentary working position.


A good all-round yoga for beginners through to advanced alike. Hatha incorporates both poses and breathing which can provide stress relief as well as increasing flexibility and posture.

This is a form of guided meditation yoga where the teacher will talk you through scanning each part of your physical body, so as to calm your mind away from your stresses and move you into a more easeful state of being. Lying with or without bolsters on your mat in a savasana position, the aim is to feel deeply relaxed and restored by the end of the class.

Pre & Post Natal
Pre-natal yoga is for expectant mums past your first trimester, looking to improve flexibility to ease any discomfort and to connect with your baby pre-birth as well as preparing your body labour itself. Classes include breathing techniques to aid labour.

Post-natal yoga is for new mums with your babies from six weeks old until they’re crawling. This class focuses on movements to build core strength, energy levels and balance to help your body restore post pregnancy and birth. A wonderful time to connect with your baby and feel supported as much as possible at this precious time in your life.
Please note: if you’ve had a C-section, we require doctors’ clearance prior to your first class.

A deeply relaxing practice, restorative yoga holds just a few poses throughout the entire class focussing on releasing tension, deep relaxation, meditation and a perfect space to slow down the body and mind as well as soothe an over stimulated nervous system.

The aim of scaravelli yoga is to move your body in a way which is as easeful and effortless with as less resistance as possible. The poses are much more fluid and uniquely adapted to suit individual needs. Dissimilar to traditional forms of yoga, scaravelli encourages your body to move in a natural more intuitive, instinctual way.

A fluid, dynamic class where the string of poses, synchronised with your breath, flow seamlessly from one to the next. Great for beginners through to advanced participants alike. Great for building strength, alignment, posture and flexibility.

Targeting the connective tissues and ligaments in your body, this more passive, asana-based practice is complimentary to the more active styles of yoga. Poses during a Yin practice will be held for long periods of time in order to deeply release deeply held tension in your body.

The ultimate in fusion fitness, where lower-intensity yoga and HIIT collide. This class aims to build on your cardio, strength as well as stretching out tension, with exercises focussed on each muscle group and core work this class will leave you feeling both limber and stronger. An excellent way to truly connect mind-body and spirit.

This unique ‘east meets west’ practice blends together the core strengthening, posture improving and stabilising techniques of pilates with your body awareness, flexibility, balance and stretching elements of yoga. These sessions are designed to increase both strength and elasticity as well as improving coordination and stimulating blood flow.