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We are extremely proud of our multi-talented, highly experienced, rich, diverse team of practitioners. Ranging from doctors to teachers. psychologists to holistic therapists, gold medal winning coaches to internationally acclaimed experts. Each of our amazing team members have one thing in common – a passion to help the wired and weary workforce of London (and beyond), to improve mental and physical health and increase engagement across the board. We are very pleased to meet you!
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Workplace Wellbeing Consultant / Founder and Director


Mindfulness / meditation / breathwork coaching

Clinical Psychologist

Skincare expert

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner

sound healing therapist / massage therapist / yoga instructor / mindfulness meditation facilitator

NLP practitioner / high performance coaching / psychotherapy / sound healing therapist

Mindfulness tea ceremonies

Yoga instructor / mindfulness and breathwork facilitator / sound healing therapist

Psychodynamic psychotherapy with solution-focused therapy


Yoga instructor / personal trainer / sound healing therapist / breathwork and meditation facilitator

Yoga instructor

Yoga instructor

Yoga instructor

Yoga and pilates instructor


Massage therapist

Massage therapist

Reflexologist / massage therapist / facial cupping

Massage therapist / cranio sacral therapist / reflexologist / kundalini yoga instructor

Massage therapist

Massage therapist


Women’s wellbeing reflexologist / massage therapist

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Workplace Wellbeing Consultant / Founder and Director, The Nurture Company

Hailing from over 17 years of international corporate experience and nearly a two-decade strong holistic therapy practice, Alison is dedicated to applying her unique skillset to improve workplace culture in London and globally. By creating The Nurture Company, she aspires to create the largest and far-reaching collective of workplace wellbeing practitioners, each dedicated to improving the mental and physical health of each individual we are fortunate enough to work with.
Alison’s corporate experience includes boutique hedge funds, private banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, tech firms, brand consultancies, quantity surveyors, interior designers, architects, PR firms and accountancy firms as well as 1:1 with an award-winning photographer and even a Rabbi! Her wellbeing experiences ranges from tutoring at The London College of Massage, sports and remedial therapist for Blackheath rugby club, working alongside physiotherapists in a private Marylebone clinic specialising in pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation, many years of on-site corporate treatments all whilst holding her own successful holistic therapy practice. Also a qualified healthy food chef she offered her unique ‘massage and a meal’ offering to lucky couples of London pre-pandemic too.
Whilst travelling the globe for four years solo, she gained qualifications in Thailand and Australia, sat vipassana’s in Australia and New Zealand, volunteered her massage services to AIDS charities, lived in Japan and taught English as well as learning Spanish in Guatemala. She has also recently worked in adult social care assisting the most challenging of mental health and addiction cases.
Gathering such a depth of life-experience and understanding such a vast range of cultures means her compassion and empathy knows no bounds. She is fiercely driven to ever-expand her business and team in order to put all this excellent knowledge to good use.
Alison’s Workplace Wellbeing consultancy services are available online or in-office.



Conor has been hosting group workshops for the past decade, utilising a combination of breathwork, movement, sound healing, and meditation to help people get back into their bodies and the present moment. What he delivers is based heavily on his own experience, experimenting and finding out what has worked best and then sharing. He aims to embody what he teaches and teach only what he embodies.

After years of teaching separate breathwork, Qigong, guided group meditations and sound journeys, Conor decided to bring all these together to share one complete class. The result is BioFlow.

BioFlow combines a variety of movement, breath, and stillness practices to highlight and deepen the connection to our internal bio-energy. Each class follows the 4-part structure of ‘Preparation, Cultivation, Circulation and Integration’. The breath is the foundation of this practice and takes the lead throughout the class. The movements are influenced by ancient and modern forms of Qigong as well as tension-releasing fascial manoeuvres. The stillness elements are throughout and extended as we finish, often with a sound or music accompaniment. BioFlow aims to generate balance within us, focusing equally on activation and relaxation, to help recalibrate and soothe our internal systems, leaving us feeling charged yet replenished.

Conor offers his unique blend of breathwork + Qigong + meditation + sound healing = “BioFlow”, online or in-office, 1:1 or in a group setting


Mindfulness / meditation / breathwork coaching

Deborah has dedicated herself to exploring and learning different Breathwork and Meditation techniques since 2018 to help cultivate living a mindful life. The accelerated pace of communication, work, and daily activities can leave us with little or no time to pause and reflect. The constant change and pressure to keep up with the ever-changing world can make it challenging to find moments of peace and clarity. As a result, many of us find ourselves caught in a whirlwind of responsibilities, commitments, and distractions, struggling to find a balance between the demands of life and personal well-being.

Constantly juggling work responsibilities and deadlines can lead to chronic stress and burnout. The pressure to perform at a high level without sufficient breaks can exhaust our mental and physical resources, leaving us feeling drained and overwhelmed. A busy work life often leaves little time for self-care activities such as exercise, relaxation, and hobbies. Neglecting self-care can impact our overall health and reduce our ability to cope with stress.

An excessive focus on work and being stuck in the ‘doing’ mindset can lead to neglecting personal relationships with family and friends. This can cause feelings of isolation and strain in our closest connections as well as disrupt our sleep patterns, leading to insomnia or poor-quality sleep which is essential for physical and mental rejuvenation – a lack of which can further exacerbate imbalance.

Deborah herself worked in Theatre and Broadcast industries for over 15 years and became extremely stressed and anxious, unfortunately reaching burnout. She now teaches others how to regulate their nervous system and activate their parasympathetic system with breathwork and meditation practices that can be applied anytime and anywhere. Imagine having a toolkit of techniques that you can reach into and activate whenever you need it, both at work and at home!

Deborah offers her mindfulness, meditation, breathwork coaching on-line or in-office. 1:1 or in a group setting.

Dr. Gracie

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Gracie is a highly qualified Doctor in Clinical Psychology who utilizes her specialist expertise to support business leaders in prioritizing their own well-being and nurturing their teams to elevate business outcomes and create a compassionate and thriving workplace.

She provides bespoke support to each level of staff within a business, from coaching sessions with senior leaders to educational ‘lunch and learns’ and ‘reflect and resolve’ sessions

Dr. Gracie specializes in addressing the important challenges impacting today’s workforce, including; absenteeism, presenteeism, quiet quitting, talent retention, low morale, burnout, as well as supporting middle-management and creating healthier workplace environments

Dr. Gracie offers online or in-office, 1:1 or group clinical therapy sessions.

Dr. Inès

Skincare expert

Dr. Inès (PharmD, MSc Cosmetic Science) is a skincare expert with over a decade of experience in the industry. She has helped hundreds of individuals radically transform their skin. After completing her academic training at Paris Descartes University, she relocated to London to work as a skincare product developer and later established herself as a Skincare Consultant.

Her mission is to simplify skincare, which can be a minefield fuelled by unrealistic marketing promises, causing confusion for end consumers with often little results. She has a no-nonsense, personalized approach to skincare and empowers her clients with the tools and knowledge to achieve their skin goals. Effective skincare can be simple and affordable—you just need the right pointers to find what works for your own skin concerns, lifestyle, and budget!

She offers a range of interactive webinars, in-person workshops, or individual consultations where she advises on a wide range of topics such as menopausal skin, ageing, rosacea, sensitivity, skincare during pregnancy and breast-feeding, acne, seasonal skincare switch, etc

Dr. Inès always keeps an educational, honest and straightforward approach and offers her informative skincare sessions online or in-office, 1:1 or in a group setting.


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner

Jenny is an accomplished, certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner who discovered this technique as part of her self-discovery journey. She was amazed by its positive instant results on herself and wanted to share it with more people. With years of experience, Jenny has supported people to release anxiety, troubling emotions, memories, and physical discomfort. Her approach has been described as gentle, engaging, and insightful.

EFT is a form of alternative therapy that involves tapping on specific meridian points on the body while focusing on negative emotions or physical sensations. The goal is to release negative energy and promote emotional healing.

It’s worth noting that EFT is now officially recognized by the NHS and widely used by its therapists during their sessions with patients.

Jenny offers her EFT sessions online or in-office, 1:1 or in a group setting.


sound healing therapist / massage therapist / yoga instructor / mindfulness meditation facilitator

Katie is a highly experienced holistic therapist, yoga teacher, mindfulness meditation facilitator and sound healing practitioner who is passionate about helping clients destress and come more into the present moment.

Katie’s own experiences with anxiety and low mood led her to discover meditation practices that helped give her a sense of inner calm. Through many years of traveling around the world and spending a lot of time in nature, she went on a deep inner journey of healing and learning about other cultures and more natural living. While in Asia, she spent time at different ashrams and centres where she started to explore more Vedic and Buddhist philosophy and practices.

After returning to the UK, she studied and practiced with the School of Practical Philosophy for 2 years, using Transcendental meditation alongside enriching her yoga practice. This led her to travel to India 7 years ago where she did her yoga teacher training. She also completed an MBSR teachers training, which combined mindfulness practices with CBT techniques. Katie combines mindfulness practices with her yoga sessions or offers mindfulness meditation sessions on their own. These simple practices can have a profound impact on one’s ability to enjoy the present and life itself more, which is why she loves sharing them and helping people in their journey to better mental and emotional health.

Her longstanding love for music and its healing properties led her to train with the Sound Healing Academy, UK, to add deeply impactful sound healing to her toolkit of offerings. A combination of gentle yoga and sound can be a wonderful way to release tension in the body and promote relaxation, leading to a more balanced mind, body, and spirit.

Katie was also diagnosed with POI (Primary Ovary Insufficiency) at only 38 which caused her to experience severe physical, emotional, and mental symptoms due to hormonal shifts. It was a very dark, desperate and isolating time for her, and she was shocked by how little help there was from the NHS and just how limited the options and advice were. This is such an important issue that affects all women at some point in their lives as they start to notice symptoms and changes years before they reach menopause. That’s why she decided to take matters into her own hands and do a lot of research on hormonal and women’s health. Through her own experience Katie tried various therapies, practices, and nutritional approaches to try to bring more balance back to her life. Katie is passionate about helping women with their hormonal or peri-menopausal journey and sharing all her own learnings, experiences, and tips. Whether it’s gentle practices or sharing circles, she can offer support and guidance. Katie’s depth of lived experience means her therapies are also part of our Women’s Wellbeing offerings.
Katie has worked at a vast array of office spaces throughout London over the years offering massage, mindfulness meditation, yoga and sound healing and offers these treatments in-office, 1:1 or in a group setting.


NLP practitioner / high performance coaching / psychotherapy / sound healing therapist

Lenka is a psychotherapist, clinical hypnotherapist, NLP master practitioner, high performance coach, sound healing therapist, and an athlete. She has tested the use of mental and emotional alternative methods on a track as a speed skater and a team captain, refining performance, motivational strategies, and the flow state. Lenka has competed with her female speed skating team across Europe, Jordan, and China. As a result, the team is now a record holder in the famous Bugatti track race 24 Hour Le Mans.

Lenka has dedicated over a decade to intensive studies of various healing and conventional therapy methods to achieve an integrative healing approach to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of one’s being. She primarily focuses on helping individuals achieve their goals, overcome adversities, and tap into their highest performance potential while implementing brain-entraining methods for relaxation and nervous system regulation. Lenka also treats insomnia, PTSD, anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, addiction, sports performance issues, and weight control.

Lenka’s offerings are available in-office, 1:1 or group sessions


Mindfulness tea ceremonies

Lera has been a devoted student of tea ceremonies for many years. For centuries, Tea in the form of Chadao Practice has been used by Daoist Sages and Buddhist Monks for alchemy and transformation. Lera holds sacred spaces within your meeting rooms facilitating journeys from the head to the heart creatin a space for your workforce to drop from their ever-busy minds into their body and just be. Think of tea ceremony as a mindfulness meditative practice.

This unique and powerful offering allows the ever-racing mind an opportunity to pause, reflect, and feel renewed. Given in a group setting, the tea ceremony itself will hold the audience totally captivated with a view to releasing attendees back to their duties with a calm yet rejuvenated mindset.

In our overstimulated, always “on” world, being given an opportunity to be held in the calmest sacred space – yet in the meeting room next door – is a one-of-a kind offering to be experienced.

Lera offers her tea ceremonies in-office in a group setting up to 10 people per group in a quiet meeting space or similar.


Yoga instructor / mindfulness and breathwork facilitator / sound healing therapist

Having experienced burnout in her mid-twenties after having an intense career in the Music Industry, Nina is no stranger to the challenges of working in fast-paced environments and the repercussions these can have on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Now blending in yoga, mindfulness, breathwork and sound healing Nina is devoted to sharing her gifts with the workforce of London.

Her own journey paired with her musical and multicultural background make the offerings she shares innately welcoming, deeply healing, and transformative. Her work translates seamlessly to any corporate setting and has benefited communities in various We Work, Second Home, FORA, and Huckletree spaces, as well as Harrods and Sweaty Betty amongst many others.

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Nina offers her sound healing sessions as well as the following yoga styles: sattva, hatha and yin styles of yoga. She is also an accomplished mindfulness and breathwork facilitator. You are able to benefit from one or a blend of all of Nina’s offerings for a truly powerful restorative session.

Nina’s offerings are available online or in-office, 1:1 or in a group setting (depending on the offering)


Psychodynamic psychotherapy with solution-focused therapy

Rosemary is a psychotherapist with over two decades of experience. Her own personal experience of trauma and its impact has made her passionate about helping others heal through the pains that life often inflicts on us. Although her background and practice modality is psychodynamic psychotherapy, her work is rather eclectic with a strong leaning towards solution-focused work.

Rosemary is aware that those who see her may have personal life goals that they need help working towards and enabling them to achieve. Although her psychodynamic practice was helping people gain more self-awareness and a wider appreciation for their interactions and growth, she realized that to get those people to achieve their specific goals by using psychodynamic psychotherapy alone may take them longer. She therefore decided to enhance her skillset by gaining training in solution-focused therapy, which over the years she has integrated into her psychodynamic practice. She has seen its benefits in helping her clients achieve goals in a timelier manner.

Rosemary is delighted to offer her rich and varied skillset to the workforces of London to help both individuals and teams during this very tumultuous time. She has a strong focus on team dynamics, improving team (and therefore company) culture and environment which can positively impact mental health overall. Her expertise can also be an asset to leaders wanting to retain the very best of their talent as well as avoiding turnover and expensive recruitment fees. Rosemary can also support your middle management by releasing the burden of them being assumed the role of therapist in addition to their already expanding workload.

Rosemary BA (HON) Psychosocial Studies (1997). MSc Psychodynamics of Human Development (1999) is a BACP registered member and offers her therapy sessions online or in-person, 1:1 or in a group setting.


Yoga instructor / personal trainer / sound healing therapist / breathwork and meditation facilitator

Jinis ERYT-500 is a highly trained yoga teacher with over 15 years of experience. She had her first yoga teacher training in 2008 and has since continued to deepen her knowledge and expertise through numerous trainings and teachings in India, Spain, the UK, the US, Indonesia, and Thailand. Jinis is skilled in teaching a variety of yoga styles, including ashtanga, vinyasa, yin, restorative as well as breathwork, meditation and sound healing therapy.

In addition to her yogic background, Jinis is also a certified L2 gym instructor and L3 personal trainer. She combines her knowledge of yoga, fitness and psychology to help her clients achieve physical, mental, and emotional balance. Jinis is dedicated to helping her clients find their inner peace and build a stronger mind-body connection.

What sets Jinis apart is her passion for Sound Healing Therapy which she currently practices with heightened emphasis. This therapeutic modality enhances her holistic approach to well-being, allowing her to guide her students towards greater balance and inner harmony.

Jinis’ offerings are available online or in-office, 1:1 or group sessions (depending on the chosen offering).


Yoga instructor

Nadia is an international instructor based in London, specializing in yoga and meditation. She has been organizing international yoga retreats in Andalucia, Spain, Amorgos, Greece, and Thailand. Nadia has experience in working closely with companies to enhance their wellness culture through yoga classes, desk yoga, and guided meditation sessions. Some of the companies and organizations she has worked with include Age UK, The Children’s Society, Icmunlimited, C&C, Proximity, Westminster University among others.

Known for her nurturing, kind, and insightful teaching style, she guides her students in building awareness of proper form and breathing in yoga poses. She aims to live a yogic lifestyle to the extent she can, which makes her classes a real and authentic experience.

Nadia teaches the following styles of yoga: hatha, yin, pregnancy, vinyasa flow and nidra and her classes are available online or in-office, 1:1 or in a group setting.


Yoga instructor

Seamus is a dedicated and experienced yoga teacher who is passionate about sharing the transformative power of yoga. His journey began back in 1996 in vibrant New York City and since then he has delved deeper into his practice, making it an integral part of his everyday existence. Seamus’ yoga journey has been dynamic, from dabbling in a few classes to taking it seriously in drama school and eventually pursuing a Yoga Teacher Training qualification in 2006.

Embracing the stabilizing effects of yoga, he was able to balance work and a healthy family life. Seamus describes yoga as his ‘anchor’ and is passionate about sharing the benefits of a practice. He teaches in various environments, from teen yoga at schools to top executives in the corporate field, where clients attest that his classes are a rejuvenating getaway. Seamus teaches a range of yoga styles, including hatha, vinyasa and power all intertwined with breathwork as well as his own ‘strength and stretch’ class.

Seamus offers his classes in-office. 1:1 or in a group setting.


Yoga instructor

Sinem, a native of Istanbul, embarked on her yoga journey back in 2005 and it has transformed her life in ways she could have never imagined. Since then she has not only been practicing yoga but also sharing its profound teachings since 2010.

Sinem’s path has been enriched by a diverse array of esteemed mentors, yet one figure stands out as her foundational guide: Cyndi Lee. As a trailblazing western female yoga instructor who seamlessly melded yoga and Buddhism, Cyndi Lee holds the distinction of being Sinem’s root teacher. Sinem’s voyage included a transformative 200-hour training in 2010, followed by an advanced 500-hour training in 2015, both under Cyndi’s expert tutelage. Under Cyndi’s wise guidance, Sinem’s perspective underwent a radical evolution, reshaping her relationship with herself, the world, and the essence of yoga’s wisdom.

As an instructor, Sinem imparts the essence of multi-level, alignment-based vinyasa yoga. Her teachings are firmly rooted in the bedrock of mindfulness and compassion practices, ensuring a holistic experience for her students. Sinem’s unique approach involves distilling intricate postures into accessible building blocks, allowing each student to curate their practice based on individual needs.

Join Sinem in the sacred space of her classes, where the journey is not merely a sequence of poses but a journey of self-discovery, growth, and communion with the world within and around us.

Sinem’s Vinyasa, yin or restorative yoga classes are available online or in-office, 1:1 or in a group setting.


Yoga and pilates instructor

Tania is a seasoned yoga and Pilates instructor with 5 years of teaching experience and 10 years of practice. She specializes in Scaravelli, Hatha, and Vinaysa styles of yoga. Her sessions are creative and designed to enhance flexibility and strength in the body. Tania also incorporates mindfulness and breathwork techniques to promote mental clarity and relieve stress.

In addition to yoga, Tania offers Pilates classes that focus on improving strength, posture, balance, and coordination – vital given the vast majority of our working day is spent behind a screen. Both practices provide an opportunity to connect with the breath and are designed to care for the health of your spine and joints, creating longevity in your practice.

She has extensive experience working 1:1 with clients, focusing on specific goals. She also teaches group classes with care and attention given to each individual and is qualified to teach the following styles of yoga: scaravelli, hatha and vinyasa.

Tania’s yoga or pilates classes are available online or in-office, 1:1 or in a group setting.


Massage therapist

Aleksandra has been a qualified massage therapist for over 13 years. Her experience working in various places has taught her to be assertive, expressive, and self-aware. Although she has worked with the body’s many systems, tissues, and parts, she has discovered the connection between the body, mind, and the dis-ease that can manifest. Clients have taught her many things about how the body responds even to her own thoughts and feelings, and how important our interconnection is beyond any of the techniques known or used. Working in corporate offices has been both challenging and beneficial for Aleksandra, learning how to be open to what can be achieved in a short space of time while being both efficient and intuitive, blending and tailoring each individual treatment.

Aleksandra specializes in seated acupressure, deep tissue, pre- and post-natal massage. She approaches all her treatments with a gentle yet firm approach that is nurturing and loving. She has been attuned to practice Reiki and knows there is a deeply energetic component to her sessions, with a calming effect from her presence. Aleksandra looks forward to sharing her knowledge and connecting with the stressed and knotted workforce of London.

Aleksandra offers her blend of acupressure, myofascial and deep tissue in-office chair massages starting at 20 minutes in a private meeting space or similar.


Massage therapist

Anett is a highly skilled and accredited professional in sports massage and remedial soft tissue therapy. She is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, the leading association in the UK and Ireland for accredited therapists vetted and approved by the Professional Standards Authority. With extensive experience in the health and wellbeing industry, both corporate and in luxury spas since 2016, Anett has treated hundreds of clients with minor to severe back, neck, and shoulder pain caused by desk-bound working and bad posture. She specializes in relieving this type of chronic pain. Anett continuously works on developing her skillset with great passion for massage therapy and helping others live a pain-free life.

Anett’s treatments include:
Massage: Swedish, hot stone, Indian head, aromatherapy, deep tissue, pregnancy
Seated acupressure chair massage
Assisted stretch

Anett’s treatments are available in-office starting from 20 minutes in a private meeting space or similar.


Reflexologist / massage therapist / facial cupping

Anna is a fully qualified massage therapist with over two decades of experience. She believes that we all have the resources to make the changes we want in our lives and with her rich and varied experience aims to help you tap into your fullest potential in a safe and confidential environment. Anna works with you to find the best treatment for your needs, ensuring that you feel that you have received excellent client care and that she meets your expectations to the best of her ability.

Anna’s treatments are available in-office and include:
Reflexology: traditional, facial, pregnancy
Massage therapy: Swedish, pregnancy, Indian head
Facial cupping


Massage therapist / cranio sacral therapist / reflexologist / kundalini yoga instructor

Isaac is a multi-talented, highly experienced therapist who embraces and celebrates his contradictions. Born and raised in Bilbao, Spain, he initially studied sociology and political science at university and later, drama studies. While studying and working in the performance arts, he learned about body movement and healing oneself through dance, acrobatics, yoga, and other dynamic bodywork experiences

Through his varied and rich life-experiences, he discovered his natural talent for the healing arts and gained qualifications over the years in different complementary therapy modalities, becoming an extremely multi-skilled, qualified, and experienced bodyworker. His work experience includes roles in the mental health sector and palliative care, luxury hotels and spa’s and many years in the corporate world

Isaac believes that many of the physical, emotional and spiritual issues that a person can hold may come from the amalgamation of trauma, shame, and abuse rooted during the different stages of life and by bringing his empathy and rich varied experience to each treatment he is able to maximise and enhance wellbeing across the board.

Isaac’s offerings are available in-office and include:
Massage: shiatsu, tui na, Thai, deep tissue, lomi lomi sports, Indian head, pregnancy
Cranio sacral therapy
Reflexology (feet, hands and face)
Kundalini yoga classes


Massage therapist

Laura is a highly experienced holistic therapist with over 18 years’ experience in the health and wellness industry. She provides a whole host of massage therapies as well as luxury facials and spa treatments. She has worked as a corporate massage therapist, mobile freelancer and spa therapist at 5-star establishments throughout London and Hertfordshire.

Laura’s massage treatments include: Deep tissue, relaxation, pre and post pregnancy, aromatherapy and Indian head and her in-office treatments are available in a quiet meeting room or similar.


Massage therapist

Luciana is a certified massage therapist and reiki practitioner originally from Brazil. With years of experience in a variety of massage practices, she adapts her sessions and techniques to creatively suit each individual’s needs and requirements. Luciana has offered treatments throughout the UK in a wide variety of settings and with clients from many different walks of life.

Her experience working in the mental health sector has been an unparalleled and has helped her grow both professionally and personally. She found that helping those in need had a profound impact on her life and allowed her to put things in perspective and broaden her skillset which has positively impacted her career as a massage therapist. Caring for others and making a difference in their lives has given her an immense sense of purpose and fulfilment. She knew she was on the right path – the path of an empath, a carer and a healer.

Naturally kind and intuitive with genuine care and respect for well-being, Luciana is inspired to help and heal through her practice, which follows a holistic approach linking mind, body, and spirit. She is keen to continue to extend her practices into the corporate world where stress is one of the main problems in the workplace today.

Luciana offers her acupressure and deep tissue on-site chair massages starting at 20 minutes in a private meeting space or similar.


Women’s wellbeing reflexologist / massage therapist

Uta is a passionate and experienced reflexologist and massage therapist, qualified in both the UK and Germany. Her treatments are primarily focused on women’s health and well-being, particularly those experiencing hormonal deregulation around menopause and peri-menopause, or those generally struggling with their menstrual cycle. Reflexology is a successful hormone balancing therapy when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Uta’s treatments are designed to help women achieve balance and relaxation.

Uta’s treatments include:
Reflexology: traditional, face, hand (for De Quervain’s Syndrome and RSI)
Reflexology for menopause and endocrine hormone balancing
Massage: Indian head, on-site chair, Swedish and dry cupping

Uta’s treatments are available in-office starting from 20 minutes in a private meeting space or similar.