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Sinem, a native of Istanbul, embarked on her yoga journey back in 2005 and it has transformed her life in ways she could have never imagined. Since then she has not only been practicing yoga but also sharing its profound teachings since 2010.

Sinem’s path has been enriched by a diverse array of esteemed mentors, yet one figure stands out as her foundational guide: Cyndi Lee. As a trailblazing western female yoga instructor who seamlessly melded yoga and Buddhism, Cyndi Lee holds the distinction of being Sinem’s root teacher. Sinem’s voyage included a transformative 200-hour training in 2010, followed by an advanced 500-hour training in 2015, both under Cyndi’s expert tutelage. Under Cyndi’s wise guidance, Sinem’s perspective underwent a radical evolution, reshaping her relationship with herself, the world, and the essence of yoga’s wisdom.

As an instructor, Sinem imparts the essence of multi-level, alignment-based vinyasa yoga. Her teachings are firmly rooted in the bedrock of mindfulness and compassion practices, ensuring a holistic experience for her students. Sinem’s unique approach involves distilling intricate postures into accessible building blocks, allowing each student to curate their practice based on individual needs.

Join Sinem in the sacred space of her classes, where the journey is not merely a sequence of poses but a journey of self-discovery, growth, and communion with the world within and around us.

Sinem’s Vinyasa, yin or restorative yoga classes are available online or in-office, 1:1 or in a group setting.