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Rosemary is a psychotherapist with over two decades of experience. Her own personal experience of trauma and its impact has made her passionate about helping others heal through the pains that life often inflicts on us. Although her background and practice modality is psychodynamic psychotherapy, her work is rather eclectic with a strong leaning towards solution-focused work.

Rosemary is aware that those who see her may have personal life goals that they need help working towards and enabling them to achieve. Although her psychodynamic practice was helping people gain more self-awareness and a wider appreciation for their interactions and growth, she realized that to get those people to achieve their specific goals by using psychodynamic psychotherapy alone may take them longer. She therefore decided to enhance her skillset by gaining training in solution-focused therapy, which over the years she has integrated into her psychodynamic practice. She has seen its benefits in helping her clients achieve goals in a timelier manner.

Rosemary is delighted to offer her rich and varied skillset to the workforces of London to help both individuals and teams during this very tumultuous time. She has a strong focus on team dynamics, improving team (and therefore company) culture and environment which can positively impact mental health overall. Her expertise can also be an asset to leaders wanting to retain the very best of their talent as well as avoiding turnover and expensive recruitment fees. Rosemary can also support your middle management by releasing the burden of them being assumed the role of therapist in addition to their already expanding workload.

Rosemary BA (HON) Psychosocial Studies (1997). MSc Psychodynamics of Human Development (1999) is a BACP registered member and offers her therapy sessions online or in-person, 1:1 or in a group setting.