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Luciana is a certified massage therapist and reiki practitioner originally from Brazil. With years of experience in a variety of massage practices, she adapts her sessions and techniques to creatively suit each individual’s needs and requirements. Luciana has offered treatments throughout the UK in a wide variety of settings and with clients from many different walks of life.

Her experience working in the mental health sector has been an unparalleled and has helped her grow both professionally and personally. She found that helping those in need had a profound impact on her life and allowed her to put things in perspective and broaden her skillset which has positively impacted her career as a massage therapist. Caring for others and making a difference in their lives has given her an immense sense of purpose and fulfilment. She knew she was on the right path – the path of an empath, a carer and a healer.

Naturally kind and intuitive with genuine care and respect for well-being, Luciana is inspired to help and heal through her practice, which follows a holistic approach linking mind, body, and spirit. She is keen to continue to extend her practices into the corporate world where stress is one of the main problems in the workplace today.

Luciana offers her acupressure and deep tissue on-site chair massages starting at 20 minutes in a private meeting space or similar.