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Katie is a highly experienced holistic therapist, yoga teacher, mindfulness meditation facilitator and sound healing practitioner who is passionate about helping clients destress and come more into the present moment.

Katie’s own experiences with anxiety and low mood led her to discover meditation practices that helped give her a sense of inner calm. Through many years of traveling around the world and spending a lot of time in nature, she went on a deep inner journey of healing and learning about other cultures and more natural living. While in Asia, she spent time at different ashrams and centres where she started to explore more Vedic and Buddhist philosophy and practices.

After returning to the UK, she studied and practiced with the School of Practical Philosophy for 2 years, using Transcendental meditation alongside enriching her yoga practice. This led her to travel to India 7 years ago where she did her yoga teacher training. She also completed an MBSR teachers training, which combined mindfulness practices with CBT techniques. Katie combines mindfulness practices with her yoga sessions or offers mindfulness meditation sessions on their own. These simple practices can have a profound impact on one’s ability to enjoy the present and life itself more, which is why she loves sharing them and helping people in their journey to better mental and emotional health.

Her longstanding love for music and its healing properties led her to train with the Sound Healing Academy, UK, to add deeply impactful sound healing to her toolkit of offerings. A combination of gentle yoga and sound can be a wonderful way to release tension in the body and promote relaxation, leading to a more balanced mind, body, and spirit.

Katie was also diagnosed with POI (Primary Ovary Insufficiency) at only 38 which caused her to experience severe physical, emotional, and mental symptoms due to hormonal shifts. It was a very dark, desperate and isolating time for her, and she was shocked by how little help there was from the NHS and just how limited the options and advice were. This is such an important issue that affects all women at some point in their lives as they start to notice symptoms and changes years before they reach menopause. That’s why she decided to take matters into her own hands and do a lot of research on hormonal and women’s health. Through her own experience Katie tried various therapies, practices, and nutritional approaches to try to bring more balance back to her life. Katie is passionate about helping women with their hormonal or peri-menopausal journey and sharing all her own learnings, experiences, and tips. Whether it’s gentle practices or sharing circles, she can offer support and guidance. Katie’s depth of lived experience means her therapies are also part of our Women’s Wellbeing offerings.
Katie has worked at a vast array of office spaces throughout London over the years offering massage, mindfulness meditation, yoga and sound healing and offers these treatments in-office, 1:1 or in a group setting.