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Conor has been hosting group workshops for the past decade, utilising a combination of breathwork, movement, sound healing, and meditation to help people get back into their bodies and the present moment. What he delivers is based heavily on his own experience, experimenting and finding out what has worked best and then sharing. He aims to embody what he teaches and teach only what he embodies.

After years of teaching separate breathwork, Qigong, guided group meditations and sound journeys, Conor decided to bring all these together to share one complete class. The result is BioFlow.

BioFlow combines a variety of movement, breath, and stillness practices to highlight and deepen the connection to our internal bio-energy. Each class follows the 4-part structure of ‘Preparation, Cultivation, Circulation and Integration’. The breath is the foundation of this practice and takes the lead throughout the class. The movements are influenced by ancient and modern forms of Qigong as well as tension-releasing fascial manoeuvres. The stillness elements are throughout and extended as we finish, often with a sound or music accompaniment. BioFlow aims to generate balance within us, focusing equally on activation and relaxation, to help recalibrate and soothe our internal systems, leaving us feeling charged yet replenished.

Conor offers his unique blend of breathwork + Qigong + meditation + sound healing = “BioFlow”, online or in-office, 1:1 or in a group setting