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Aleksandra has been a qualified massage therapist for over 13 years. Her experience working in various places has taught her to be assertive, expressive, and self-aware. Although she has worked with the body’s many systems, tissues, and parts, she has discovered the connection between the body, mind, and the dis-ease that can manifest. Clients have taught her many things about how the body responds even to her own thoughts and feelings, and how important our interconnection is beyond any of the techniques known or used. Working in corporate offices has been both challenging and beneficial for Aleksandra, learning how to be open to what can be achieved in a short space of time while being both efficient and intuitive, blending and tailoring each individual treatment.

Aleksandra specializes in seated acupressure, deep tissue, pre- and post-natal massage. She approaches all her treatments with a gentle yet firm approach that is nurturing and loving. She has been attuned to practice Reiki and knows there is a deeply energetic component to her sessions, with a calming effect from her presence. Aleksandra looks forward to sharing her knowledge and connecting with the stressed and knotted workforce of London.

Aleksandra offers her blend of acupressure, myofascial and deep tissue in-office chair massages starting at 20 minutes in a private meeting space or similar.