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Here at The Nurture Co., we are deeply passionate about all things complimentary, holistic, alternative and natural. Bringing our systems back to a state of equilibrium in a gentle, calming and compassionate way.

We believe once we incorporate and weave nurturing practices into our lives on a more frequent basis that the positive ripple effects can multiply ten-fold, whether it be with how we show up for ourselves, our loved ones, at work and our community around us.

Our founder, Ali, has seventeen years’ experience in the wellness sector as well as seventeen years in the corporate world. Straddling these two somewhat opposing worlds has given her a unique insight into how it is to be stressed to the hilt and how to remedy this through a series of self-care practices.

Given this experience, it is Ali’s driving force from her own lengthy personal experience that weaves her desire to redefine how the workplace functions down to its very core so we can, together, re-establish a better functioning, more balanced workplace environment.

From working with a rugby team, famous acrobats, high-profile executives, triathlete competitors and expectant mums all the way through to tutoring at the London College of Massage, complimentary therapies are Ali’s passion in life. After all these years of working with clients one-on-one she wanted to find a way to extend the reach of her work beyond her own two hands and finally went about creating The Nurture Co. in order to provide an ever-growing community of complimentary professionals all on one platform.

A born and bred Londoner, Ali has seen the fads and crazes come and go but what does seem to have stuck, especially since the pandemic, is the need to prioritise our mental and physical health. By listening to our system and nourishing from within and functioning from a balanced state rather than bulldozing full steam ahead and suffering the inevitable crash and burn and fall-out is the way forward, and we are here eager and fully committed to helping you all along your journey.

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