About The Nurture Co.
The what and why
The Nurture Co. is a collective of some of the most talented holistic practitioners in London who deliver from the heart with utmost integrity to help serve YOU.

By empowering you to achieve your best – whether it be through a yoga practice, a deeply soothing massage or trying something different like Breathwork, Cranio Sacral Reflexology or Trauma Release Exercises – you can achieve and maintain emotional, energetic and mental equilibrium which, in turn, makes you a better contributor to society as a whole.

Ali, the founder of The Nurture Co., has almost fourteen years of hands-on industry experience and has helped people with a wide-range of physical, emotional and energetic ailments. Through this depth of experience she cemented a foundation of integrity and love for helping people to feel their best into the core of The Nurture Co. 
We are passionate about practicing preventative methods to dodge the bullets that our stressful fast-paced lives can fire our way. Through experience we know that by implementing real, physical changes to existing lifestyle habits we can ultimately achieve long-lasting happiness, vibrancy and better health.

Prevention is, in most cases, better than cure. By moving our bodies through regular exercise and mindful practices, over time we experience a positive knock-on effect in the rest of our lives. Rather than seeking a temporary solution to the inevitable burnout, putting preventative habits in place allows us to sidestep burnout completely.

Now more than ever do we have the need for balance. Technology and a tendency towards a 24/7 availability are not going anywhere. Although convenient to always be 'On', our physical and mental health requires us to slow down and hit the pause button every now and then. But the question is ‘How do I truly integrate and cement a holistic balance into my life on a daily basis?’

This is our solution: We are living in an age where you can have junk food delivered to your door so it only makes sense that the good stuff comes to you, too, right? 

As much fun as it may be to spin ten plates at a time with work, family, friends and all our other commitments, when it comes to relishing and maximising that precious self-care time and investing in a truly nurturing experience we have (quite literally!) got your back!
Maybe you're looking for a different way to celebrate a special anniversary, hen party, baby shower or birthday.  Maybe what you’re really looking for is a personalised yoga practice or relaxing with a long deeply relaxing massage? Whatever the celebration (or even just a FriYAY payday treat) our completely customisable experiences are sure leaving you feeling balanced and nurtured from inside out.

We deeply LOVE what we do – it gives us the warm and fuzzies knowing that our well-honed skills are helping you achieve joy and balance. No need to fork out for an expensive out-of-town manor house, or get yourself across town only to have that inevitable stressful schlepp back home. With The Nurture Co., all you need to do is round up your friends and loved ones, light a few scented candles and *chill*.